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The coffee company CABOU coffee started in 2016 in collaboration with cooperatives of Burundian coffee farmers. CABOU coffee would not be what it is today without the effort, commitment and passion of the coffee farmers and the CABOU coffee team. Quality and professionalism are deeply rooted in our culture and we ensure that every cup poured and served is a reflection of our promise of offering only the best.

We are proud to collaborate closely with BUJA CAFE 15 PLUS. Our partners are managing the washing station with full-washed coffee called Munkaze, located in northern Burundi, in Kayanza province at the altitude of 1,800 meters. BUJA CAFE 15 PLUS transforms cherry coffee into washed and fermented parchment coffee, which give the coffee that particular high quality taste.

In 2018 CABOU's farmers were selected to participate at the annual Cup of Excellence in Burundi. CABOU’s Coffee ranked second during the competition.Click below for information about the competition and their ranking.

Our offer

Green Bean Coffee

Great Tasting and Unique Specialty Coffee


One of Africa’s finest specialty coffees

A unique single origin coffee from one of the highest region in the world. In this area the coffee cherries are carefully cultivated in a fertile soil, surrounded by lush vegetation, washed by glacial water and then dried under the heat of the African sun.


The Process

The only well ripped cherries coffee is handpicked by the farmer on the tree. Cherries are floated before delivery to the washing station. Cherries are also sorted for unripe and overripe by the farmer.
At the washing station, this intensive process is started again by the farmer for quality purposes, before it is accepted. The same day, the coffee is pulped by a 2 disc pulper machine and the output product which is parchment coffee is ferment by a single fermentation process for 8 to 12 hours, depending on the external temperature. After that, the coffee is separated into 4 grades, based on density, in the grading channel. Finally, the parchment coffee is soaked in clean water for about12hours.




Our Premuim 100% Bourbon Arabia

Made by and for coffee lovers

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Coffee from Burundi

For centuries the caffeinated beverage, with its birthplace in Africa, has been more than just a simple drink. The social impact of a cup of coffee cannot be denied. A hot cup of coffee may be for some a ritualistic experience.
Our coffee is from the beautiful country Burundi. Sourced from a high altitude region of the north of the country, in the natural region of Buyenzi which occupies the most part of the province of Kayanza.

Dark/Light Roast

This pure 100% Bourbon Arabica bean from the beautiful mountains of Burundi, is roasted to a medium level, to create a triumphantly crisp flavor with sweet fruity notes which lends body to the ultimate cup profile. Add fruity acidity caused by the great soil and altitude, and you have a delicious combination.



Unique Taste

The local coffee of Kayanza is tasty, sweet, with notes of ripe fruits and spices. The dry aroma is very strong and it contains chocolate, honey and floral notes. When hot water is poured into the cup, other aromas volatilize, such as caramel, toffees, traces of oolong tea. When it’s hot, raspberries,ripe, fruits of passion are felt in the mouth. When the liquid is cooled, can appear tastes of green apple, pineapple, lime, often orange. The acidity is pleasant and the body texture of the butter. The taste remains in the mouth quite a long time. When it’s cold, the taste of milk chocolate becomes dominant and one often finds the taste of dried fruits.